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Located in the sweet spot of the NW Hills area, here is an ideal residence if you are looking for a house to update to your own tastes. The two-story home has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and about  2,790 square feet, per TCAD (see floorplan on p. 2).

There are some standout features: 1) the lot is huge--enough land to add on to the house with space left over for a pool and yard area  2) the floorplan includes a feature way ahead of its time--a dedicated office/hobby room tucked away in the back corner of the first floor  3) this tree-lined, winding little street is postcard perfect--just twenty-five homes, some with values in excess of a million dollars. Properties rarely come up for sale on Farhills--just one in the last three-and-a-half years. 

Since 2008, only four have been available. The average price has been $748,250. Those sales numbers make the $625,000 asking price here very appealing.       

When houses go on the market in this neighborhood, the seller has typically done a quick makeover that includes inexpensive carpet and all new fixtures from one of the "big box" stores. The new carpet is ALWAYS beige, and choices of remodeling in the kitchen or baths have likely been made based on low cost. Next, the seller  goes way up on the asking price which you have to pay. Then, you have to remove most of it to get the house the way you want. There is no fluff in this price--any updating will be done based on your choices. 

Please, no novices. You must be capable of overseeing all remodeling. The kitchen, bathrooms, cabinets, all plumbing and lighting fixtures appear to be original. The home is being sold as-is.

About The Lot
You could make a case that most of the asking price is supported by the underlying value of the lot it is sitting on. It adds to the immediate or long term value that regular lots cannot match. Here's why. Several years ago the City of Austin established the "McMansion" rule. It dramatically limits the ability to add to a home's size when remodeling or rebuilding. Houses on ordinary lots no longer have much potential to add to a home's size. This permitting restriction is based on the size of the lot and the amount of impervious cover that would result from increasing the size of an existing home. 

  Many city lots are 50' to 65' wide, but this one is a whopping 100' across by 130' deep. It means you could end up with a home here of about 5,000 square feet--almost double the size of the current home. 

Even if you have no need for a home this size, consider what this adds in long term potential when you sell--you'd be sitting on one of the very few lots in the area that would accommodate a big residence. If you still aren't convinced this is an importantly benefit, just drive around the NW Hills area to see all of the current building projects in which smaller homes are being replaced with larger, very expensive ones. It is because the location is sooo good--positioned inside of Loop 360 and inside of Hwy. 183. As Austin continues to grow do you think this location will become more or less desirable? From the back wall of the house, it is 60' to the rear fence--a sprawling amount of space for a garden or pool with plenty of area left over for yard or playground area. Here are some easy places where you could update the house for modern usage. Open up the wall between the living room and study, and the entire design would flow as one large. light-filled space. Note the location of the office in the back left corner--ideal if you need workspace where it is quiet. Any designer will see an instant way to create a large master bath--possible due to the current size of the master bedroom--it is just over twenty-four feet long,  and includes a fireplace. The current small master bath could be expanded by simply taking in the west end of the bedroom.

Here is a rare chance to snag a regular-sized home on a very exclusive street. The house sits on an unusually large lot. 

How To See This Home
Serious inquiries only please.  To see,  you must call your agent to set an appointment (a one to two day notice is needed). The seller is represented by Stan Barron Properties, 512.626.4911.

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